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Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.

- Matthew 28:19-20


"Dear parents and godparents:  Your family has experienced great joy at the birth of your child, and the Church shares your happiness. Today this joy has brought you to the Church to give thanks to God for the gift of your child and to celebrate a new birth in the waters of Baptism. This community rejoices with you, for today the number of those baptized in Christ will be increased,  and we offer you our support in raising your child in the practice of the faith.”
(The Order of Baptism of Children)

If you are interested in scheduling a baptism at St Monica's, please read the following:

Scheduling a Baptism

As the parent/legal guardian of the child to be baptized, you must book the baptism in person in the parish office during office hours. We require this so that we can ensure your child’s baptismal envelope has all the required documentation. This becomes important later in life when your child may need to prove they were baptized for a Catholic high school, college, for Catholic matrimony, etc. 

When you come to the office, please have a copy of your child’s birth certificate (we can make a copy of the original for you if you do not have the means to make a copy), as well as paperwork for one godparent. Acceptable godparent paperwork is proof of confirmation OR a letter from their current parish stating they are practicing Catholic in good standing.

When you are present with both documents, a baptismal envelope is filled out and a date is selected.

Once a date is selected and necessary paperwork completed, parents/guardians must sign up for a baptismal prep class. The class needs to be prior to their baptism. While it is great if both parents/guardians can make the class, a minimum of one parent must attend the class.

Inquiry by Phone          

Please feel free to call the parish office at 212-288-6250 to ask any questions you may have and our office staff will be happy to provide any additional information. While the office staff can share current open mass/services dates for baptism, we can only hold a date in person with the necessary paperwork.

Baptism Class:

We allow for a parent/legal guardian who intends to have their child baptized at our parish at a later time to take the class prior to booking a baptism. It is your responsibility to obtain a certificate of completion at the class and bring this certificate, with other required documents, at the time you come to the parish office to book the baptism.

Anyone who is going to be a godparent, and needs to take a prep class, please feel free to call the office and schedule yourself for one of our available classes. There is no fee for this class.

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