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Holy Bible

StElmo Men’s Prayer and Fellowship Group

The purpose of this Group of Guys is to accompany each other in faith. Our small group is based on three areas of focus:

1) knowing and following Jesus more deeply;

2) growing in understanding of sacred scripture as the Word of God; 


3) evangelization as modeled by the Master for us to evangelize in our own lives.

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Contact one of us

You are invited to join this GOG

(Group of Guys) by contacting:

Tony Yerex: 912-220-7329

Michael Viccari, 917-842-8465

Bob Flanigan, 917-439-7620

Image by Rod Long

Meeting location and time

  • Location: Meet at the Parish Center, which is located at 406 East 80th Street, New York, NY 10075


  • Time: At 12:00 noon Tuesdays afternoon starting on September 13, 2022


  • Resources for each meeting: Reading and reflecting on the previous Sunday’s Gospel

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Agenda format

  • Opening Prayer

  • High, Low, God Moment during the past week

  • Lectio Divina (Modified)

  • Read the scripture passage

  • Reflect on the scripture passage

  • Share and apply the scripture passage

  • Intercessory Prayer, Updates, Announcements, Closing

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