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As we embark on this new decade, together in faith, I invite us to remember the mission to which we are all called. It is the task of every generation to take the faith that we’ve received and share it with others. This is what the Lord calls us to do: to teach, to serve, and to sanctify the world, by proclaiming the truth and making disciples of all nations. This work is most effectively accomplished through the ministry of the Church – in our parishes, our schools, our religious orders, our seminaries, and the many charitable services that are designed to respond to the evolving needs of our communities. This is the work that the Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal makes possible through your generous donations.

The works that are represented in the Cardinal’s Appeal make tangible the mission of the Church in our communities at a time when – some might say – the world is most in need of such a witness. The Cardinal’s Appeal is our faith at work in the world, attesting to who we are and the values we represent. I am grateful to you because I know that your gift not only changes lives, but it opens hearts to the person of Jesus Christ, as only acts of service performed in His holy name can. I thank you for your continued support of the Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal.


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