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Remember the days of old, consider the years of generations past.
- Deuteronomy 32:7


Saint Monica's Roman Catholic Church and the Parish of St Monica, St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Stephen of Hungary, located at 413 East 79th Street between First and York Avenues, was established as a parish of the Archdiocese of New York in June of 1879, becoming the Fourth Catholic parish for the Upper East Side. Over the past 136 years, the Church of St Monica has been honored to be of service to an ever changing evolving community that serves all walks of life. Please take the time to explore our website and find out how St Monicas' can continues its mission of serving New York Catholics. We have recently merged with the parishes of St Stephen of Hungary and St Elizabeth of Hungary to create a strong united parish to support our Yorkville neighborhood. We invite all to visit and prayer with us, as "ALL ARE WELCOME"

St. Monica’s celebrated its 125th Anniversary on September 26, 2004, there was and still is excitement, joy, renewal and commitment in the Parish community. Led by Rev. Monsignor Modugno’s vision and plans, a major capital fund-raising effort was launched with its goal of $550,000. The parishioners’ response and resounding support exceeded the goal and raised $600,000! At last, after 125 years, the Church now has new, secure and aesthetically pleasing front doors.
Other renovations included reliquary for sacred oils, a new and refurbished altar, and soon restoring and suspending the brass over the baptismal font. With this support, there is hope and  faith for a new sense of community. The community which gathers here is as diverse as America and New York City.
Our thoughts about the future go forward creating it; our minds and our hearts are like filaments that connect today to tomorrow. One philosopher once said, “Wisdom proclaims that with every blade of grass, an angel whispers, “Grow! Grow!” There is a lot to do in the orchard of St. Monica’s Church. So come in, grow some peace with us, grow some joy, and grow with love.

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